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Gameday Grind says "We Got Some Dawgs Up In Here!" (Maroon Ones)

Rise and Grind State fans.  Today's an early game.  No sleeping in today, our team needs us early.  Some of you made the trip to Athens today, and our team needs to hear you today.  So drink that extra cup of coffee, grab a red bull.  Go ahead, practice the Maroon, White chant in the shower.  We're gonna need it today.  Sanford Stadium we'll be rocking, but our boys can handle it.  I believe in Relf, Bumphis.   I believe in Carmon, Cox.  I believe in Lawrence, Whitley.  I believe in Banks, Ballard.

I believe.

Need to get pumped up for the game?

Check out this



2009 True Maroon "Bully" Video (via krh189)


Just remember today, and always, that YOU root for the real Bulldogs State fans, the only Bulldog that matters.  The Maroon one.

Go Get 'Em