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Gameday Grind welcomes Spurrier to a place he dislikes alot

Before a 15-0 Gamecock victory in Starkville in the 2006 season opener for both schools, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier had not had a "real good time" in Starkville, Mississippi.  In fact, Spurrier's trips to Starkville prior to that 2006 trip had gone as bad as a road game COULD go for a coach.  In 1992 Spurrier marched his 13th ranked Florida Gators into Scott Field and got waxed 30-6 on ESPN Thursday Night Football.  8 years later a Spurrier-led #3 ranked Florida Gators squad took another beatdown at the hands of the Maroon & White 47-35 in a game that really wasn't that close. 

The irony of the 2000 loss that MState handed to Spurrier: the Bulldogs had dropped out of the polls the previous week because of a loss to... you guessed it, South Carolina, the OBC's current school.  Although that hold that Starkville once held on the OBC may have been lifted with his 15-0 win in 2006, State fans won't soon forget his troubles in our stadium.

Here's to hoping the Ole Ball Coach has some more of those bad mojo vibe feelings today.


Rex Grossman and Florida - self inflicted 3rd and 57 (via sfslickdawg)


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