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the FWtCT's BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot: Week 8

Another dominant performance this weekend by Bama and LSU (surprise!), and I was quite impressed by Oklahoma State.  Sure Texas is not the Texas of other years, but in years past the fault of this Okie State team was showing up for the big game on the road.  They did that this weekend and in my opinion deserved the climb up to #4.  Other notable risers in this weeks ballot include Kansas State and West Virginia, and several teams moving down the poll were Michigan, Georgia Tech and Arizona State.  Sorry Georgia Tech, you can't be a good team and lose to Virginia.  My only notable differences from major polls is where I placed Auburn and South Carolina.  Although South Carolina won a tough road game against my State team Saturday, I just feel like this team may have some losses ahead of them with Marcus Lattimore out.  No disrespect Gamecocks you played great on Saturday, just losing Lattimore I feel will hurt, especially with Arkansas and Clemson still on the schedule.  Auburn, I just don't buy into them.  My dislike for the Tigers aside, they're offense is really one dimensional and I keep feeling like they're destined for the fall at some point, especially with LSU and Bama still on the schedule.  That being said, the Tigers have performed much better than many, including me, anticipated in the 2011 season.  See the complete For Whom the Cowbell Tolls Ballot after the jump, yo.