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Week 9 BlogPoll Top 25: FWtCT's Ballot

Michigan State-Wisconsin.  WOW.  A game that most of us expected to be good turned out to be fantastic.  The ending, which makes me glad that sometimes the ball bounces right for the underdog, will go down as one of the best finishes in the past year.  However, the key now for Michigan State is to shift focus to maintaining the week to week momentum and not continue to dwell on the historic win vs. Wisconsin.  Other notable games around the country saw LSU blow out an undermanned Auburn team.   Auburn's lack of a passing game shone brightly Saturday, but then again against that LSU defense, most people struggle.  In the late late game, The Riverboat Gambler Tommy Tubberville lead his Red Raiders into Norman and came out victorious.  Oklahoma seemed flat, but give all the credit to Tubberville and his squad for jumping out to the big early lead and not relinquishing it... completely.  Huge W.  In other games, Alabama teased Tennessee before finally slamming the door on them in the 3rd Quarter.  Clemson continues to roll, but this team just gives me the feeling that they are going to slip up eventually.  I may be wrong, we shall see. See For Whom the Cowbell Tolls' Blogpoll Ballot after the jump.