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For Whom the Cowbell Tolls Radio Show | Kentucky


After the Bulldogs enjoyed a bye week last weekend on the gridiron, State returns to action this upcoming weekend with a date in Lexington against the Kentucky Wildcats.  The Wildcats and Bulldogs have traditionally played close games in this football series, and I expect this upcoming weekend to be no different.

For this weeks' Radio Show we talked with Glenn Logan of our Kentucky SBNation brethren, A Sea of Blue.  As always Bulldog fans I encourage you to stop by A Sea of Blue this week for all the information you need on the Kentucky Wildcats.

On last night's show Glenn and I discussed Kentucky's key play-makers on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, the real reason why there was a less-than-usual turnout for the Wildcats game this past weekend versus Jacksonville State, tips for restaurants and bars in Lexington for State fans traveling to the game Saturday, along with much more.

For those of you who cannot see the embedded player below, find the audio here.

Thanks again to Glenn and our friends at A Sea of Blue for taking time out to share their knowledge of Kentucky sports on the show.