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Mississippi State vs. Kentucky // Cowbell Collective

It is that time again. The vast pool of collective knowledge known as the, collective. This week, we cover our upcoming game against the Kentucky Wildcats, SEC Expansion and what it takes for the Bulldogs to go bowling.

1. After 7 games, the team is 3-4. Do we have what it takes to pull out 3 more wins to get a shot at a bowl?

Chris: First of all, I'm beyond disappointed with where the Bulldogs are at this point in the season. Having said that, I think they still have an excellent chance to reach a bowl game for the second straight year. The wins should come against Kentucky, Tennessee-Martin, and TSUN. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for a surprise victory against either 'Bama or Arkansas.

Tyler: Of course. Playing Kentucky and UT-Martin helps Mississippi State's chances dramatically but that still means bowl eligibility will come down to Ole Miss. And that scares the crap out of me. The Rebels are bad, but you can tell they, especially the freshmen, are improving. As always, anything and everything can happen in the Egg Bowl.

CrisilMethod:  I think we definitely have what it takes. With Kentucky, UT Martin and Ole Miss left on the schedule I think those are all very winnable games. Every year I think we have a shot against Arkansas, and every year I'm dissappointed, so I will just mark that one down as an L and then hope for the best. But 3 wins is definitely still achievable, and I expect this team to go bowlin in Nashville (hopefully)

2. What do we need to do to be able to "upset" Alabama or Arkansas?

Chris: I wonder if the NCAA would allow the MSU players to attach a rabbit's foot somewhere on the uniforms?

Tyler: To upset Alabama, we have to hope that the Feds bust Nick Saban and the entire Tide defense in a black-market, organ transplant ring. In other words, it ain't happening. As for Arkansas, it's possible. The matchup is favorable as Mississippi State's secondary is just the group to give Tyler Wilson fits. It'll just be up to the Bulldog offense to not turnover the ball and score some points.

CristilMethod: To beat Alabama I think State would just have to have everything go exactly their way for 60 minutes. With that being said, Alabama typically makes few, if any, mistakes so I just don't know if it's feasible. Arkansas, who knows against them. Our defense is playing great right now, but Tyler Wilson and that recieving corps are very talented. Like every other game, if State could JUST make a play or two on defense, I think we'll have a chance. Who knows though, Little Rock has been quite unkind to us over the years.

3. How do you feel about Kentucky being our SEC East "Rival"?

Chris: I'm perfectly fine with it. Kentucky has great fans who certainly know what it's like to support a team that struggles in football. I'm just thankful State doesn't have to face a Florida or Georgia every year. That would be difficult.

Tyler: I like it because year-in, year-out they aren't that good. Yeah, they get four wins in out of conference games but they tend to crap the bed in the SEC (hey, sounds like State!) And by the time we usually play them, the majority of fans are bowing at the alter of the roundball.

CristilMethod: Going classic sports quote here, but "it is what it is.' Sure I'd love to establish a fun, year to year rivalry with a competitive SEC East team, maybe South Carolina, but since we started playing them in 1990, the Kentucky series has proven to be a competitive one. Then again, I'd gladly trade a few wins over Kentucky on the football field to a few wins against them on the hardwood.

4. Are you in favor of Missouri joining the SEC? Do you think they fit the SEC "culture"?

Chris: The school that is often credited as the school that invented Homecoming would be an okay addition to the SEC. I mean I would be more in favor of a Clemson or Florida State. On second thought, I have to be honest and say that it would really bug me to include a state that is not in the south. Forget Missouri. We've got enough friggin' Tigers in the SEC as it is...

Tyler: Eh. It just doesn't have the buzz that other teams would. As a fan, would you rather see a conference game with Florida traveling to Mizzou or Alabama hosting Florida State? Exactly.

CristilMethod: I was all for A&M joining the SEC, but I'm flat against Missouri joining. I don't know what it is about them, but they just don't really bring anything attractive to the table for the SEC in my opinion. I guess the appeal is the Kansas City Market, but who knows. Someone posted the other day how dumb it is that West Virginia may go to the Big XII and we take Missouri, and I agree. Bringing on Missouri and shifting Auburn over to the East is going to throw off some rivalry games that have gone on for years and alot of us have come to enjoy. That being said, it seems like it's an inevitability for them to come, so whether or not I want it is negligible (sigh...).