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Gameday Grind says sometimes magical things happen in an early game

Morning State fans.  Another early one today huh?  If you're like me, you don't care for these early games because well, you have to get up early.  But I'm here to remind you that not all is bad about early games.  Sometimes magical things happen in an early game, like the 2007 Egg Bowl.  Remember that one? Croom vs. Orgeron.  Awful vs. Worse.  But even though State let the fighting Brent Schafer's control the score most of the game, State stood up when it mattered most.  Enter Derek Pegues into your computer screen on 4th & 8 for the Rebels Orgeron's Black Bears:


Derek Pegues 75 yard punt return for a TD (via sfslickdawg)

That video doesn't really do it for ya? How about MSU vs. Zook, 2004.  State is in a see saw battle with a ranked Gators team, and then my favorite MSU player of all time does this:


Jerious Norwood 37 yard game winning TD against Florida (via sfslickdawg)


Wow, that one still gives me chills.  Thanks Dave Neal.

Magical things can happen in an early game State fans.  Will we see that Saturday?  Hopefully the game won't be as close as either of those two were, but if it is, we can only hope State has that Derek Jerious Norwood Pegues magic in them for at least one play.