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FWtCT's BlogPoll Ballot: Week 12

Georgia fans have had plenty of reason to party since their 0-2 start this season, as they've won 8 straight. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Georgia fans have had plenty of reason to party since their 0-2 start this season, as they've won 8 straight. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
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A week after the "Game of the Century," we got a "Game of the Year" level game in Oregon-Stanford.  However, the actual game didn't turn out to be as entertaining as expected, seeing Oregon put Stanford away easily in Palo Alto 53-30.  With the results in that game along with a Boise State loss (again) at home by a missed field goal, we look up to find Oregon crawling back into the top 5 at #4.  LSU retains their post at the top after a sluggish yet convincing 42-9 victory over Western Kentucky at home.  Other movers and shakers in this week's ballot include TCU moving back into the poll in a big way with a win at Boise, while poll brethren Boise State, Stanford and Penn State weren't as lucky as they all three plummeted down the Top 25.

I wanted to say this regarding the Penn State situation: although I'm horrified by the event's unfolding there, I would never reflect that in a poll such as this one.  The boys who dress out each Saturday shouldn't be punished for the sins of others.  And I have to add that I tip my hat to the Penn State team and interim coach Tom Bradley.  Despite all the mess going on there, Penn State gave one hell of an effort against Nebraska Saturday, and came up just one yard short of a chance to come away with a victory. 

See our full ballot along with some team assessments after this weekend's slate of games after the jump.

Oklahoma State: Sure the score was eye catching at 66-6, but the opponent, Texas Tech, was another hapless one in a long line that is the majority of the Big XII schedule.  Oklahoma State is talented on offense there is no denying, but to me this team won't really earn it's #2 position until it beats it's big brother, Oklahoma.

Oregon: Slowly but surely, Oregon has climbed back into the top 5 and possibly into the discussion for the National Championship.  It sure doesn't hurt them either that their only loss, a week 1 loss, was to the hands of now #1 LSU.  LaMichael James continues to shine and some things would have to happen in front of them, but Oregon has their eye set on a rematch with the bayou bengals.

Houston: An unthinkable Boise State loss, and all of a sudden Houston is in the Non-AQ BCS qualifier spot.  If anyone is deserving of such a BCS bid, it's senior Case Keenum.  Keenum, a 6th year senior, has now taken over as the all-time passing yards leader in the history of the NCAA, and what better way to cap such a career off than a BCS berth.

Stanford: Oregon showed us Saturday night that Stanford and Andrew Luck are not as invincible as we thought they were.  Turns out Andrew Luck is human after all, and although the Cardinal are still a very talented team, maybe their loss Saturday was a way of things getting back to order.

TCU: I have to say after this team lost Andy Dalton last year, I thought there was no way they would have near the success this season.  In comes Casey Pachall, and the TCU offense has continued to roll, highlighted by Pachall's field day Saturday in Boise as he lead his team to a 36-35 win.  Kudos to Gary Patterson for leading this team to another solid season as they prepare to enter the Big XII in 2012.

Virginia: Have to be impressed with what Mike London has done in Virginia.