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For Whom the Cowbell Tolls Radio Show | Arkansas

Hello frands! Welcome to another episode of For Whom the Cowbell Tolls Radio Show.  This week we previewed Arkansas for a bit, and by WE I mean myself for awhile and then FWtCT's friend and BSR Station Manager Bob Carskadon jumped in to help relieve listeners from listening to my headcold-toned monologue.  Bobby and I discussed Arkansas and their football players, as well as State's potential bowl opportunities and we even made some SEC picks for the weekend's slate of games.


Also, tune in as Bob slowly (but surely) reveals to bulldawg nation that he has a man crush on one Corey Broomfield.

For serious you guys.

As always, the show was powered by Bulldogs Sports Radio and we encourage you to check them out on your fancy iPhone or on your superfuturistic Android.

Thanks again goes out to Bob for discussing the game with us (me).

Check out the show in the player below or get the audio here.