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Egg Bowl week is upon us. Prepare yourselves accordingly

Egg Bowl week is upon us ladies and gentlemen.  The week where red and blue should be discarded from your wardrobe.  The week where you refuse to talk to your neighbor at work because he went to TSUN.  The week where you pray we don't lose so we don't have to hear that damned hotty toddy chant arrogantly shouted for another 364.

Sure this game will be interesting.  As you all know, it will be Houston Nutt's last game coaching in Oxford, and I'm sure he will throw everything he has at Mullen and the Crew to ensure he goes out on top.  Will he coach again somewhere? Probably.  Will you turn your TV on at 2am in 2 years to see Nutt there asking for donations to the Third Baptist Church of the Pentecostal Resurrection of Christ our Lord and Savior Missionary Mount Zion Church of the Latterday Saints' Kickball Teams traveling fund?  It's certainly possible.

But what matters now and until late Saturday night is that we bring the Egg Bowl trophy home for a THIRD YES THIRD consecutive year.

Will we win? Hopefully

Will we forever bleed Maroon and White and curse that which doth don the seersucker suite?

Damn right we will.

We here at FWtCT's will give you 110% this Egg Bowl Week 2011.  Some of our information posted will be informational, most will be LOLs, but all will be wrapped in maroon and white.  And all of it will be driven by #TSUNhateweek.