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Our Week 14 BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot

Morning ladies and gentlemen.  As the College Football regular season winds down, the BlogPoll Top 25 has become essentially a mess.  The last several weekends have seen teams like Stanford, Oregon, Okie State, Oklahoma and Arkansas get their National Championship hopes written on a piece of paper in front of them only to have that piece of paper shredded then burned while an overweight clown dances on the ashes.

To try to understand the madness that has been the 2011 season is pointless, just know that it has been great.  After another weekend has been placed in the books and we approach Conference Championship Saturday, here is the latest and definitely not the greatest FWtCT's BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot.  AAAAANND, since our team when all #Hashtaggy in the endzone this weekend, we decided to give you some voting analysis all #Hashtagged.  All that after the jump, of course.

LSU: #HavinFunLOLZwhyisPetrinoSoMad?

Alabama: #ChamionshipGameAchievementUnlocked

Virginia Tech: #ProductofanACCschedule

Arkansas: #WoulddominatetheBigXIIwherewesometimesstillwishwewhere

Georgia: #SECEastnotWestThankGoodness

Baylor: #RGIIIDontLeavePlz

Michigan: #OhCrapUrbansHereLetsEnjoyThisWhileWeCan

Penn State: #Perseverance

Texas: #WeWantSaban

Arkansas State: #FreezinOnThemHaterz