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Jack Cristil, Voice of the Bulldogs, Wraps It In Maroon and White

For 58 years, one constant of Mississippi State sports (first football, then basketball) has been Jack Cristil. Following State's home loss to LSU on Wednesday night, Cristil announced during the post-game show that he would be stepping away from the mic due to health reasons.

Here is a full transcript of his announcement:

I’m not going to talk basketball for the next couple of moments. I certainly would like to have a personal message with you. I have been privileged for the past 58 years to have the opportunity to represent Mississippi State University as their broadcaster for football and basketball. All good things, as they say in the trade, have to come to an end sooner or later. Please accept my sincere, my genuine, my honest and heartfelt thank-you for all the kindness you have displayed to me over these past 58 years. It has been one genuine pleasure to be associated with such a magnificent university as this with the administration, the faculty, its students and the Mississippi State family.

The reason I am stepping down at this particular point, in conference with my physicians, Dr. Martin Lee in particular of Tupelo, Miss., it’s been determined because of a deteriorating health situation in which I’m experiencing, that it is necessary of me to immediately start some kidney dialysis and in so doing, this treatment will restrict me to the point where I can not represent this university the way it should be represented. And when I can not do that, I have told many people over the years that I would step aside and now it’s time to step aside. Please, ladies and gentlemen, accept my genuine, my honest, my heartfelt thank-you for all the kindness, the courtesy and the encouragement that you have given to me and to my family over these years. The Mississippi State University family is second-to-none, and as a family, I know you understand. Thank you very much. May God’s blessings be upon you and your family. Thank you.

That concludes our broadcast of Mississippi State basketball from Learfield sports.