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A Few MSU Nuggets Around The Net To Chew On...


Annual Maroon and White Game Continues To Grow Under Mullen -- The Reflector

Since 2008 the Maroon and White game attendance has tripled.  Dan Mullen is a huge reason why. 

Chris Relf Looks To Jump From Good To Great -- NBC Sports

Over the past few years, the constant uncertainty Bulldog fans have had to put up with was how we would look at the quarterback position.  Finally, I think we're going into a season where we don't have to stress out about the QB.  I think Chris Relf is finally ready to take ownership of his position. 

Bulldogs Trumpet Consistency and Depth At Wide Receiver Position -- The Clarion Ledger

And I can't talk about the quarterback position without referencing our recent wide receiver woes as well.  Anyone that didn't notice the drastic improvement with our receivers in the latter portion of last season clearly was not paying attention.  I believe we're finally in good shape at the position as well. 

SEC Coaches 2010 Cost Per Win -- Team Speed Kills

You'll have to click the link to see which school got the most for their dollars, but I'm sure you've got a pretty good guess. 

Mississippi State Is Now Targeted In Pending Cowbell Assault Suit -- FOX Sports

Look, I'm not advocating violence, but the cowbell hating is sure getting old.