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SEC Slaps MSU With $30,000 Cowbell Fine, BUT...The Bells Return In 2011

MSU was shafted with a $30,000 fine today for improper use of the cowbell during the first two SEC games of the 2010 season. The first offense was for the Auburn game...that one cost us $5,000. The second instance was during the Georgia game...that one cost us $25,000. I was in attendance at that Auburn game and I'll admit that I violated the hell out of the cowbell policy that night. Am I sorry for it? No, not really. I got really sick of hearing "War Cam Eagle" all night...the cowbells did a nice job of drowning that nonsense out. And besides, we lost the freaking game!

Later in the season I attended the Kentucky game and there was a very noticeable difference in how and when the cowbells were being used. Fans were actually beginning to yell a lot more during the times we would've ordinarily used the bells. Now that probably sounds crazy to a fan from another team, but unfortunately it's true. Bulldog fans really had to learn how to yell during the games last season. It was kind of embarrassing watching some poor guy with a trucker hat adorning his head stand up in the crowd and kind of coax everyone around him to get up and yell. BUT...kudos to that brave fan! His hard work (and the hard work of others like him) paid off and by the end of the season, the cowbells were used the way they were supposed to be used. That's really important going into 2011, and here's why:

Future violations will result in a $50,000 fine for EACH offense.

That, bulldog fans, can get expensive really fast. If we screw this up and get fined for all four SEC home games, that adds up to one Cam Newton$200,000!

So even though the rule is ridiculous, and I'm sorry for all those that disagree but it is indeed a ridiculous rule, AT LEAST we get to keep the cowbells around for another year. Fortunately the league's coaches, athletic directors, and school presidents overwhelmingly supported a decision to bring the cowbells back for 2011. Scott Stricklin and Coach Dan Mullen deserve praise for their roles in persuading all of those individuals to keep the cowbell compromise alive.

So to sum it all up, let's pick up where we left off in 2010. On those critical defensive moments, let's yell our tails off! And when Relf and company punch one into the end zone? Clang your bell loud and proud!