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NCAA Football '12 - Custom Mississippi State Covers

Because anyone that bleeds maroon doesn't want to look at Mark Ingram every time they pop their NCAA '12 game in their Xbox or PS3, we have been scouring the interwebs for awesome examples of custom covers featuring MSU players.

The first we found was Chris Relf. Here is a small version:


You can download the big versions for XBOX and PS3. We found these at the Jcrusick gallery.

But surely there have to be more than just that one cover out there, in the vastness of the internet. So we kept digging and found where someone on a gamer message board and created a Nick Bell version. This cover is....hmmm....grrr....**must remain strong and gosh dangit there I go getting dust in my eyes again. Just go download the files!


Download the XBOX and PS3 versions. We found these at the BigDmo gallery.

If you know of any other great add-ons for the NCAA '12 game that are MSU specific (rosters, playbooks, etc), let us know so we can link them up!