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Guys all across this great nation today are in a blissful state of celebration.  Girlfriends, wives and mistresses across this land today? WOEFULLY IGNORED.

All of this for what reason?  Why it's NCAA FOOTBALL 2012 RELEASE DAY!!!!!!!

And if you're a State fan like me, you immediately ran home from work/school/daycare and cut the game on to start a season with you're beloved Bulldogs.

As of 7:45pm Central Standard Louisiana Corndog Time, I have started a Dynasty with THE MState Bulldogs, and with no surprise to anyone, including Memphis themselves, dispatched the Memphis Tigers quickly to the tune of 59-0.  Sure, it was on varsity difficulty, DON'T JUDGE ME.

Anyways, the second game I played was against our no-so-favorite Auburn Tigers.  Supposedly, there is a cheat for the game where if you input the cheat, Cecil Newton will run out of the stands throwing in the air handfuls of cash.  And then Trooper Taylor waves his rally towel. 

No visual proof of this cheats' existence yet, unfortunately.

In short summary, the game is just as fun as ever.  Vick Ballard is an absolute BEAST on this game, and State is ranked to begin the game, which is refreshing to see.

In the end, OF COURSE we took down Auburn at their place, 30-20.  The small bit of insight we at FWtCT can offer you so far on the game is that it's just as fun as you remember (from like 3 months ago when you put down NCAA 2011), Ballard and Relf are amazing together on the game, and it's much MUCH easier to run out of State's spread option.  I don't know about for you, but for me it was a pain in the keister to run the ball with State last year.

Anyways, I've already wasted enough of your precious playing time with this post.  Enjoy the game guys, but remember these two very important tips:

1) If you play with Ole Miss, you're game system will never turn on again (because you're not a true fan)

2) You will, at some point, have to acknowledge that your wife/girlfriend/life partner is in the room/still living.  Don't let the game break up any happy homes guys.


Anyways, here are a few screenshots of my game vs. Auburn.  Enjoy



Touchdown Relf... errr... Moore!



Still a low scoring affair mid-way through the 2nd Q



Vick Ballard: delivering your package SAME DAY AIR



It's a tight one going into the 4th Q



You already know how this one ends.  Get ready to hear this lots in the fall: TOUCHDOWN BULLDOGS



No surprise here.  Ballar... err... Robinson is your player of the game



Good guys prevail in the end.  DRIVE HOME SAFE BARNER'S