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Team Speed Kills takes a look at Mississippi State

Our friends over at Team Speed Kills (the best SEC blog around) are taking a look at Mississippi State this week. Yesterday, they asked what we can do for an encore after our 2010 season:

They got to nine wins for just the third time since World War II (1980, 1999). They won their second straight Egg Bowl. They beat Florida in Gainesville for the first time since 1965. They took the eventual national champion to the wire, losing by just three, and took the division's second place team to double overtime. They trashed Michigan in the bowl game to boot.

Today, they are going over our schedule and wondering why we have 2 road games with CUSA schools.

Whose idea was it for Mississippi State to play two road games at CUSA opponents in the same season? But, I get ahead of myself. A road trip to a Georgia team looking for revenge kicks off the month, followed by a jaunt over to Birmingham. Seriously, two CUSA road trips in one year? A visit from the other SEC East favorite South Carolina is next, with a week off after that. The month closes with its third road trip, this time to the Bluegrass. That's five road games in the first eight games for all of you counting along at home.

Both are good reads. Head on over and let them know what is going on.

UPDATE: We actually have four 9+ win seasons since WWII. They forgot 1974 when we went 9-3 and defeated North Carolina in the Sun Bowl in El Paso (hat tip to @CDMuineachin via Twitter)