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The best of @BoobieMeant2Say (so far)

Ah, Twitter.  3 years ago I thought: why do I need a separate social media account just to basically "update my Facebook status?"  And today?  I check Twitter at least 15 times a day to keep up with the world of sports, funny, and sometimes funny-sports.  Twitter is great in the sense that anyone can start an account called, well, anything.  My Twitter account started over a year ago as @NotKyleVeazey: an obvious spoof of the at-the-time MSU Clarion Ledger sports blogger, Kyle Veazey

Not always meant as a slander to who they spoof, spoof accounts can be ingenious ways of brining humor to an audience.  So is the way of @BoobieMeant2Say.  I don't know the guys who operate this account, but I must say: hats off to you guys for this great idea.  As you all know, our beloved former running back Anthony Dixon tweets under the name @Boobie24Dixon.  And, if you've ever read any of his tweets, you know that you probably would have an easier time interpreting a document written in Arabic while drunk and hanging upside down. 

In come the guys at @BoobieMeant2Say.  They have created a translating service for the Bulldog Nation by retweeting Boobie's tweets and adding an interpretation to them.  I must say, so far, this account and its tweets have been full of Win.  Although I know these guys are just getting started, here's a recap of some of their best work so far: 






Follow the guys in their effort to help us better understand Boobie's Tweets @BoobieMeant2Say