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Bell Yeah: Thursday Morning Linkage

Blah, it's Thursday.  Sure Thursday is better than Monday but it's that looooong day before Friday so really it's worse than Monday.  But I digress.  Whether you're struggling through this Thursday or out on the town with Brian Wilson still doing Jager Bombs and barking at soccer moms on their way to work, here's some links that may just help you get through until at least like, lunch or something.

  • The ESPY's were last night, and I'm not completely sure, but I think Brian Wilson's beard is totally on steroids.  Do I see anything else noticeable about this picture? No... why would I?


  • Also late yesterday afternoon, Pete Thamel of the New York TIme's reminded us of two things:
    2. The Investigation into Cam Newton and Auburn is like a Lenny Kravitz song: IT AINT OVER TILL IT'S OVER
    • Since the beginning of the week rumors have begin to swirl that Yahoo!, ESPN, Food Network, someone will be breaking a story soon saying that an SEC team is about to be exposed, busted, you know what I mean.  Our friends over at SixPackSpeak discuss it here.  It may be an unpopular theory and one that will be written of easily by experts, but here's the major story I expect to surface: VANDERBILT's WOMENS SWIM TEAM UNDERGROUND BETA FISH FIGHTING RING BUSTED.  Ignore it all you want, you know it's happening people.
    • In case you missed it up on our site earlier Wednesday, Team Speed Kills, the SEC SBNation blog, has been covering Mississippi State a good bit recently.  Check them out here.
    • You can basically link something great everyday from the farkboard of tigerdroppings, but here's the fark gang's remaking of the psychedelic Florida Football Media Guide.
    • I may be accused of favoritism for linking this because the site is run by friends of mine, but the ESPY's according to Shirts or Skins post from last evening was HIlarious.  Also, if you haven't seen it, the guys are re-mascoting the entire SEC.  For example, here's the Ole Miss re-mascoting.

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