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What Do You Have Against Cherry Limeades?

We were made aware of an opinion piece by one Steven Godfrey of the Oxford Eagle. It seems ol' Steve didn't take to kindly to Starkville labeling itself "Mississippi's College Town" during a recent rebranding effort. 


You threw Johnny Cash in jail. You think "The Client" is a suitable rebuttal to our celebration of "The Sound and the Fury." Your culinary mystique is a tangled web of Applebee’s peppered with so many Sonics that I have to assume there’s a citywide mandate on Cherry Limeade accessibility, lest the native palate go unsatisfied. Your Balkanesque landscape is so devoid of charm that it even depresses the frayed ball-cap, F-150 lift kit crowd from other crappy ag schools visiting for football games. Compared to you, Clemson is a clear spring morning in Barcelona.


Of course he had to throw in jabs at Dan Mullen and Scott Stricklin, and recent marketing efforts by the university.

Then, after two years of taking the finest tuned campaign of propaganda designed to enrage the Proletariat delivered by a breathing id of a quote machine; a smarmy, carpet-bagging braggart hellbent on tactlessly high jumping up the national coaching ladder, you break down and realize that the beauty and simplest truth of journalism is not to ignore your instincts, but to embrace them, empower yourself, and then open fire with an assassin's precision.

Anyway, you can read it for yourself (careful - that's a PDF link. they haven't figured out this new fangled interweb thing yet).

As for our response, we only have one thing to say: