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EA Sports NCAA Football '12 Out On July 12th...How Is State Rated This Year?

EA Sports NCAA 2012 will be released this Tuesday and if you've played any of the previous editions of the game you are well aware of how frustrating it has been to be a Bulldog fan.

Sure, the NCAA 2011 version of the Bulldogs were somewhat better than in years past, but it does little to ease the pain felt over the past ten years. Year after agonizing year, the Bully's have been portrayed as a team that plays more like a high school team...and not even a good high school team. I've been playing the game for years and it shames me to say that when a friend challenges me to a game, I usually pick another team instead of my beloved Bulldogs. I make that painful choice because I know if I pick MSU I will not have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the game.

Having said all that, it's obviously been the product on the real field over these past ten years that has resulted in the Bulldog's horrid portrayal in the game. So how are things going to be in 2012? After the great season a year ago, there's no doubt this year's team will be better. Just don't expect it to be A LOT better.

I came across a list of all the NCAA '12 team ratings. I listed all of the SEC teams and their ratings to see where MSU stacks up:

2 Alabama A+ A A+ B- 6
4 LSU A B+ A- B- 6
12 Auburn B+ A- B+ B- 6
13 South Carolina A A B+ B 4
18 Arkansas A- A B+ B 4
19 Mississippi State B+ B+ B+ B- 3
20 Florida B+ B+ B+ B 6
27 Georgia B+ A- B A+ 5
41 Tennessee B+ B B B+ 4
59 Kentucky B B B B+ 3
60 Ole Miss B+ B+ B B 3
85 Vanderbilt B- B- C+ C+ 2

I will take a B+. In fact, I don't think I can complain about any of State's grades.

If you just can't wait until Tuesday to try the game, you'll be happy to know the demo is available on XBOX Live and PS3. Aside from some new animations, and the glitz and glamour of ESPN, there is little noticeable difference between this year's game and the '11 version.