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A Season Preview Of Every Game The Bulldogs Will Play

Spencer Hall posted a great SEC season preview over on the mothership. In it, he gives an in-depth overview of each game that each team in the SEC will play this season. Here are his thoughts on the Mississippi State schedule in 2011.

Mississippi State at Memphis. Chris Relf will start smoking on the field in the third quarter, both to make it fair for Memphis and because it will just feel right, y'all.

Mississippi State at Auburn. A postgame handshake so icy Germans will describe it as "heartwarming."

LSU at Mississippi State. Les Miles has to be told not to use a cowbell on his own sidelines while his offense is on the field. "BUT IT'S FUN." [clang clang clang clang clang]

Louisiana Tech at Mississippi State. Yo dawg, we put bulldogs in your bulldogs versus bulldogs so you could bulldog your bulldog while you bulldog, bulldog.

Mississippi State at Georgia. Bully to UGA: "Stay away from me. I don't know what's going on with y'all, but if it's catching I don't want it, brah. No offense."

Mississippi State at UAB. UAB's always got one really awesome wide receiver, and he's leaving on the Mississippi State bus after this game and going home with them to spend time with his real dad Dan Mullen. He'll leave a moving note written in crayon, and pack his things in a bandana hung on a stick.

South Carolina at Mississippi State. No, Steve Spurrier, strange games in Starkville in October have never been an issue for you. Proceed without caution!

Mississippi State at Kentucky. I think John Calipari would be a fantastic football coach, and chances are many Kentucky fans think so, too. To be honest, this is why neither party in this discussion is very bright.

Tennessee-Martin at Mississippi State. Fake names for other Tennessee universities happy to take beatings for cash at the hands of major programs:


  • Tennessee-Steve
  • Tennessee-Harley
  • Occidental Tennessee Matriculative University-Andy
  • Marysville Technical-Buck State.


Alabama at Mississippi State. Jackie Sherrill might be out there in the parking lot slashing the tires of the Alabama team bus, guys, but he's not doing it on behalf of Mississippi State. Jackie's actually just really into vandalism and property damage. Always has been.

Mississippi State at Arkansas. Sylvester Croom will be appalled by the number of points in this game.

Ole Miss at Mississippi State. Rivalry week stakes: winner can declare themselves rulers of Mississippi, and then quickly abdicate the throne in favor of ruling something more manageable like a herd of millions of voles or something.

So I think that pretty much covers everything. We might as well take the rest of the year off.