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For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: College Football Pick'em League

1) Do you like college football?

-yes (proceed to next question)

-no (stop here, close this post and continue watching that new Kardashian episode)

2) Do you like to predict winners of college football games each week?

-yes (cool, we totally do too) (continue to the next question)

- no ( YOU'RE LYING TO YOURSELF SURE YOU DO) :( okay you don't have to pick with us FINE JUST LEAVE

3) Does this shirt make me look fat?

- yes (but what does this have to do with the series of questions?)

3 revised) Would you like to join For Whom the Cowbell Tolls pick'em league then and pick games with us?

- yes (you, my friend, are #Grindin4OURstate)

- no (if you pick this option Chuck Norris will punch you through your computer in 4,3,2,1.....)


We here at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls would like for you to join us in the weekly battle of picking college football games.  Click this link, password TSUN (LOLZ that's our rival), and may the best man/woman/intelligent animal win.  We'll do writeups each week detailing the overall leader's, who picked the best that week, etc.


Just as a head's up, I pick New Mexico all games, despite who their playing.  I just thought you should know.