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FWtCT Podcast: Talking MSU Football with Bob Carskadon

Last evening I got the chance to sit down and chat with Bob Carskadon, writer at, friend of the Blog's, and fello Starkville Academy Alumnus #REPRESENTIN'

We talked MSU QB's, who to anticipate to start at the crucial left tackle position next Thursday, who's primed for a breakout year, Harry Potter: Books vs. Movies and Bob even shared with us some quality #MSUfreshmantips.

To listen to our Podcast hit the play button on the widget below, or you can download the episode by visiting our show's Podcast Page, where you also can also go back and listen to previous episodes (in the future, there are no previous episodes now), subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the orange RSS or on the purple iTunes icon. 



Happy Tuesday, Y'all