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Preseason BlogPoll: How FWtCT voted

7 Days Ladies and Gentlemen.

7 Days from today the Maroon and White will don the shoulder pads and helmets in the 2011 season opener.

7 Days from today we invade Memphis, no not to go to a Three Six Mafia concert or visit Graceland (okay, we might visit Graceland), but to travel to the Liberty Bowl to watch our beloved Bulldogs start out the year against the University of Memphis Tigers.

Each week on Monday, when you're still possibly hungover from a Saturday night at Mugshots or you're angry that you got smashed in fantasy football yesterday, OR you're just sad because it's Monday, SBNation bloggers from around the country will be submitting their ballots for the BlogPoll, SBNation's Top 25 College Football poll as voted on by its writers.  Each week I will post my ballot here for discussion, explanation, reader review and most likely ridicule.

Check for my Ballot, along with some explanation for placement after the jump

I doubt that most of these rankings need explanation, as these teams are generally ranked in a range similar to this in both the AP and USAToday/ESPN Top 25 Polls.  Nevertheless, here's a brief explanation of why each team was ranked initially where they are:

Alabama- They're Alabama yet again, loaded on both sides of the ball.  McCarron could be great
Oklahoma- Loaded at basically every position.  Stoops is still there.  What else is new?
LSU- Grass is green again in Baton Rouge (LES MILES PUNS INTENDED)
Oregon- Chip Kelly's offense is faster than a NASCAR pit crew.  Great matchup next Saturday w/ LSU
Stanford- Andrew Luck.  Andrew Luck.  Andrew Luck!
A&M- Tanneyhill & Co. can have a great year this year I believe
Fl. State- Jimbo Fisher starting to get that program back where it used to be
Sakerlina- OBC has himself a nice cast of stars in Columbia, and no Bama or LSU on the schedule
Okie State- T BOONE PICKENS PAID ME $10000 TO RANK THEM HERE (but really, they're a solid club)
Nebraska- Great squad, will be interesting to see transition from BXII to B1G
Boise St.- Kellen Moore's back, but lost some pieces around him.  Again, show me something Boise
Wisconsin- An already solid squad made much better w/ addition of Russel Wilson
Virginia Tech- Again, see Boise comments.  Show me something Hokies
Arkansas- This team really has a chance to be great, even w/ the loss of Knile Davis.  Adams is the key
MState- A little higher than other polls due to bias maybe, but really feel like team has chance to shine in 2011
TCU- Will be interesting to see how successfully they can replace Andy Dalton
Notre Dame- I know I know Notre Dame will be great this year! Name means nothing, show it on the field
Missouri- Blaine Gabbert's gone, but they return most of the starters off of a great offense
Florida- The MusCHOMP era begins in Gainesville
Michigan St.- Solid club
West Virginia- Holgorsen bet me that I wouldn't rank them this high
Auburn - Last season's national champs have to replace one-and-done star Cam Newton
Penn St.- Joe Paterno's 9000 season may be a good one
Georgia- If Richt even wins 8 this year w/ all the injuries, dismissals, etc., he gets my vote for coach of the year
Arizona State- Sparky, Dennis Erickson, I like it.


There ya have it: now go forth and debate, feud, discuss, comment.

Have a great Thursday guys