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DJ Gardner Dismissed From Team After Tweeting About Redshirt Status

In case you were working hard unlike me or just haven’t seen it mentioned this morning, MSU Freshman shooting guard DJ Gardner was dismissed from the basketball team this morning for "repeated conduct detrimental to the team." As you can see on various MSU sport blogs this morning (and I’m sure Sixpack), Gardner spouted off a series of vulgar tweets last night displaying his anger towards Stansbury’s decision to redshirt him.

Brad Locke, MSU beat writer for the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, tweeted out this quote this morning from Gardner’s mother, Angela: "We were not upset about the redshirt, it’s just how they did it. We found out about it on the news."

Gardner’s dismissal means the program has lost 4 scholarship players, either by dismissal or transfer, in the past 9 months. So looking past Gardner towards the bigger picture: should we as State fans be concerned?

It’s not a secret that over his tenure as head coach, Rick Stansbury has seen a good number of players transfer, be dismissed, or become very publicly "unhappy" with their role in the program (see the great Sidney drama last season). So we ask State fans: is this program trend alarming and disturbing to you? Is there cause for concern? Should Scott Stricklin step in?

We want to know your thoughts Bulldog fans. Discuss!

And as always, happy Maroon Friday, and, #HailState