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Know Your Enemy: Memphis Tigers

The waiting is finally over. In a few very long days, fans around the country will learn if all the preseason prognostications about their teams hold any water. For fans of the Maroon and White, it will be played out on a hot, sweltering Thursday night in the Liberty Bowl against the Memphis Tigers.

Opponent: Memphis Tigers
Head Coach: Larry Porter
Last Year's Record: 1-11
Series History: Mississippi State Leads 32-11
Last Meeting: Mississippi State won 49-7,9/24/2010

Regular Foes: Since the first season-opening tilt in 1953, Memphis (at the time Memphis State) has been Mississippi State’s most common opening day opponent . .This will be the 16th time the two schools have faced each other to kick off the season . The Bulldogs have posted a 13-2 record in those 15 previous season lidlifters, including victories in seven straight 

Media Coverage: Check out The Commercial Appeal, Memphis' local paper. Although you are more likely to find more info about SEC football than Memphis football. You may also notice a familiar face as you read through the headlines. Former MSU (and TSUN) beat writer Kyle Veazey now works for The Commericial Appeal, although not on any specific beat. We will have a Q & A session with him up later this week.

Blog Coverage: For true fan blogging, check out, a site run by Memphis fans. Yes, they really do exist. Expect to find more basketball content here than anything. Memphis is sort of like Kentucky in that aspect.

History: To say that Memphis and Mississippi State have their history is an understatement. Memphis has, at times, been one of those games that State fans hated to see on their schedule because you just never know.

The Tommy West/Jackie Sherrill era of this "rivalry" provided some pretty good moments, like this one when Jackie asked Tommy to give Joe Lee Dunn a message for him.

I think Jackie just wanted to go to The Rendezvous split a rack of ribs with Joe Lee, but Tommy was afraid that The Kang was gonna take him out to buy some socks or something.

At least that is how I heard it.

Hail State and GTHOM! College football is here once again!