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College Football TV Schedule For Week 1

The mothership has released their complete football TV schedule, showing all games, all times, across the country. Make sure you refer to it early and often to maximize your football watching enjoyment this weekend.

Before we get into our favorite games this weekend, we must tip our hat to whoever figured out a way to schedule the start of college football on the same weekend as a national holiday, you are a true American hero. We have a full weekend of games plus an extra day to recover and catch up on our sleep!

Here are a few highlights that we plan on watching this weekend and why.

Mississippi State at Memphis (8pm ET, Thursday, September 1, FSN)
Duh. We are as ready as anyone to see the Maroon and White take the field. This season has the possibility to be the biggest in a long time for the Bulldogs and we are ready to get this show on the road! Hail State!

Utah State at Auburn (12:21pm ET, Saturday September 3, ESPNU)
Sure, its one of those powderpuff games that lets the team get all the kinks out of their system before taking on real opponents. And I am sure that Auburn will pretty much dominate the Aggies. But it will also give us our first glimpse of the post-Cam Newton Auburn Tigers, and we can see what to expect when we line up against them on the Plains next weekend.

BYU at Ole Miss (4:45pm ET, Saturday September 3, ESPN)
Now that Giggity Nutt has "settled" on a QB, we expect to see almost as many people in the stands as there are players on the field. And don't forget to "lock the vaught" to make sure none of them can escape. That makes it easier to find meals for the bear.

Boise State at Georgia (8pm ET, Saturday, September 3, ESPN)
This is a big game for both teams. If Boise State wins, we get to hear about how they deserve to be in the BCS Title Game because of their quality win over a top opponent (sound familiar, VaTech?). If UGA wins, Richt proves that the off season issues and dismissals didn't hurt his team as much as everyone thought. If they can roll out of here and pull of a win against South Carolina, the other Bulldogs are in the drivers seat in the SEC East.

Oregon at LSU (8pm ET, Saturday, September 3, ABC)
Another big game for the SEC. LSU was hit hard with the indefinite suspension of their starting QB Jordan Jefferson last week as well as the suspension of one of their top receivers, Russell Shepherd. Oregon wants to prove they can hang with the big boys in the SEC, but I think the Tiger defense will give them more than they bargain for.

So that is what we are watching this weekend. What is on your plate?