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Charles Barkley Says We Are Servants At The SEC Table

Really not sure how we came up in a conversation that Charles Barkley was having with a Dallas radio station about Texas A & M possibly joining the SEC and the fairness of the Longhorn Network.

Here is what he said in response to a question about BYU joining the Big 12:

I think they'd be a great addition. I think we have to really be careful though because we're going to kill all these little conferences...With Texas A&M leaving the Big 12, realistically, you're going to be down to two teams. Who are we kidding? Mississippi State and Mississippi, they're just in the SEC, they're not at the table. They're just like the servants at the table. And I mean no disrespect. I mean, Texas and Oklahoma, they are the Big 12. Oklahoma State too, Coach Gundy's done a great job there, but let's be realistic, it's all about Texas and Oklahoma.

I mean, really, how does Mississippi State and Ole Miss school come up in a conversation like that? And we are just servants at the table? Like we should feel privileged to even be in the SEC? I assume that is the meaning. Never mind that we are founding members of the greatest conference in the history of college football.

Does anyone else have any idea what in the world Barkley was talking about? Was he just babbling on incessantly about a topic that he really has no amount of expertise in? Just throwing out sound bites?

Maybe he should just sit back and work on his golf swing and we can talk to him when we have questions about basketball or picking up hookers.