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FWtCT is looking for YOU (maybe, if you're a student who likes sports)

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls is looking YOU.  That is if YOU are a current MState student who wants to give your perspective on MState sports.

We here at the site are looking to add to the writing staff a State student who can give some student perspective on Bulldog Athletics.


We would be looking for that person to give game reviews from a students view, thoughts on sports programs at State, and basically just give the readers the student dynamic since the rest of the writers here are old and grey and OH NO I BROKE A HIP REACHING FOR A PRETZEL.

Just kidding.  We're not that old.

Are ya interested?

@reply me, the site's twitter feed ( mstatesports ), or email any of the writers at the site and we'll see about getting ya on board.

and yes, the rumors are true we start you out at ONE MILLION DOLL-HAIRS.

I'm sorry guys that was a lie, we don't pay at all (sorry, i know in your mind you had already spent the doll-hairs)

And no I'm sorry we're not looking for someone to write about campus fashion, or politics, or religion, or politics, and so forth.

Just an occasional post about State sports that lets Bulldog Nation know what the students are thinking.


Give us a shout.