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Gameday Grind: Let's Do This Bulldawg Nation

/a drum beats slow and begins to get faster and faster in beat in the faint distance

/a man enters, with his face painted maroon and white and a cowbell in hand

"Ladies and gentlemen, Gameday is finally upon us.  No more preseason previews, no more Cam Newton investigation Danny Sheridan bull malarkey.

Just football.

Time for us as a Bulldawg Nation to stand together and represent OUR State.

Time for us to don our Maroon and White and Clang our bells with furiousness and passion.

Time for us to show Memphis that this Dawg's bite is much worse than his bark.

Time to Grind.


So put away your spreadsheets, turn off your computers.  Get on that interstate, or Hwy 78, and head North.  Or turn on that tv, fire up the grill, and pour that ice cold beer.

Because no longer are we talking about what the season "may" hold for us Bulldog Nation, we are now talking in the present tense.  Time to grind.

So let me hear that Hail State, that GTHOM, that Maroon and White, that This is... OUR STATE.  Leave no doubt for those around you which team you are rooting for today.

Dan Mullen and all of Bulldawg Nation expect our players to leave it all on the field, so shouldn't we cheer the same way?

No regrets, no "I wish I would've yelled louder"

Clang it

Rang it

Hail State

OUR State

Go State

Gameday baby

GTHOM, and beat Memphis!"