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Mississippi State Players Suspended For Season Opener Against Memphis //CONFIRMED

As we tweeted earlier this afternoon, we can now publish that a source close to the football program has told us that there are players who are not playing tonight for various reasons, including suspension, although some are just injured.

Many people have reported seeing defensive tackle Fletcher Cox around Starkville and campus since the team left for Memphis last night. 

Although we first reported 10, we are now hearing it may be closer to 5 or 6. We will have more on this as it develops.

UPDATE #1: We have seen several names thrown around. If you look, you can find them. They are not confirmed, just rumored. 

UPDATE #2: Joe Galbraith has confirmed via twitter that 5 player have been suspended: OL Blaine Clausell, DT Fletcher Cox, QB Dylan Favre, LB Chris Hughes and TE Malcolm Johnson. All five should be available for the Auburn game on September 10.