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Congrats to Auburn on the W, but that Eagle shouldn't be flying drunk Y'ALL

Beer Me, Bro (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Beer Me, Bro (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Congratulations to Auburn on winning what was the most exciting game I've watched so far this season.  Disputed calls and excuses aside, Auburn made the plays they needed to make and won the game outright.

Now, to the issue at hand.

Prior to every Auburn home football game, one of their 2 3 mascots, the War Eagle, circles the stadium while their fans cheer "waaaaaaaaaar" then when he lands the fans cheer "eagles, hey!".  I think that's right.  Auburn fans feel free to correct me.

Before today's game, War Eagle got ready to make his usual decent upon the Auburn fans.  Despite his trainer's repeated comments to him that "hey, you smell like Jager and some sort of weird German Beer", War Eagle repeatedly assured his trainer "it's cool bro, I got this."  Well our friend War Eagle did not have it today, as he crashed into a window on a Luxury Box.  His post game comment about the incident: "dude, when the hell did they put  skyboxes in?"

Auburn has not released an official statement yet on whether or not War Eagle will be ordered to AA.

Godspeed, War Eagle

(H/T to War Eagle Reader for the Video)