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Bell Yeah Links! 9.12.11

(Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images)
(Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images)
Getty Images

That was a gut-wrenching loss if there ever was one. But time to put it behind us because it'll be a short week as LSU travels to Starkville for a Thursday night game. Time for links...

No time to waste: Bulldogs have to prepare fast for more Tigers | Starkville Daily News

"We've got a short week so we have to jump right back into preparation," said Mullen. "We can't dwell too much on last week. We have one of the best teams, if not the best team in the country, coming here to play for our home opener."

Shaking off the tough loss can be difficult for a team, but Mullen, who is in his third year at State, isn't concerned about that.

"Since I’ve been here we’ve always rebounded pretty strongly," said Mullen. "We handle adversity pretty well around here. It’s kind of what our program is based on. Year round we try to put them in adverse situations. I think they’ll bounce back and be ready to come to work today (Sunday)."

It's easy to second-guess Bulldogs lost game they should've won | The Clarion-Ledger |

Second guesses? Well, I'd have thrown once with 10 seconds left before I'd have run the ball.

Why not take two shots if you can? But then, if Chris Relf stretches the ball forward, he scores on that last run. Or if he pitches, the halfback walks in. And now I'm second-guessing myself for second-guessing Relf after such an admirable performance. That Relf was able to run at all after the licks he took Saturday was a credit to his courage, strength and durability. - REWIND Auburn 41 No 16 Mississippi State 34

Through two games, the Bulldogs have 1,176 yards of total offense for an average of 588 yards per game, fifth in the nation.

Saturday's outburst was sparked by the running game, which accounted for 333 yards. Both tailback Vick Ballard and quarterback Chris Relf rushed for more than 100 yards. MSU converted 11 of 20 third downs, and despite losing left tackle James Carmon and center Quentin Saulsberry, still rallied and came within inches of catching Auburn at game's end.

Mullen says Bulldogs would have went for two-point conversion - The Dispatch

MSU coach Dan Mullen said in the post-game media conference that the Bulldogs would've gone for a game-winning two-point conversion had quarterback Chris Relf scored.

"Yes," Mullen said emphatically when asked if he would've gone for the win. "Then you could've come in and yelled and screamed at me for going for two."