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Farcely Populated says check out the new magazine Cooking with Les Miles!

Why hello there my fellow southern friends.  Let me introduce y'all to my magazine about cookin!


(farktasticness via Blake McCollum)

/chews on grass left over from last week's Tiger Eye

Guy's I've got to tell you I've done some fun things over the years coaching those boys on that football field, but I've never been so excited as I am to bring you my magazine dedicated to sharing with you ALL my favorite recipes!

Inside you'll find recipes on my famous corndog pasta salad, my Tiger Surf & Endzone Turf, as well as my 10 ways to avoid oven timer miscues in your kitchen!

/laughs, chews on on grass stolen from 18th green of Augusta

Friend's you too can share in my kitchen joy's by ordering your first 12 copies of "Cooking with Les Miles" for the low low price of $19.95.  We except Visa, Mastercard and Lowe's Garden Section credit.

You better call now and get yours because these babies are going faster than Trindon Holliday with his britches on fire!

Don't delay (of game), order yours today!

*magazine discounts are applicable in the state's of AL, MS, LA, TX, SC and the people's republic of China (don't ask).  special provisions are required to get the magazine discount in Oxford, Mississippi.  There, a customer must actually call AFTER the discount deadline of November 21st has passed.  When calling to get the discount from Oxford, a customer must yell into the phone "SPIKE IT!!!" but only after a loud audible alarm sounds.  We know we know, we shouldn't have let Les make the discount rules.