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FWtCT's Podcast - Talkin' the LSU game w/ And the Valley Shook

Last night we sat down with Billy Gomila of And the Valley Shook, the SBNation's blog for all things LSU, to discuss Thursday's night's gridiron matchup.  Billy and I discussed LSU's comfortability with Jarrett Lee as QB-1, the talented Tyrann Matthieu, LSU's rivalry (or the assumption of a rivalry) with TSUN, among other things.

As always, to listen to our Podcast hit the play button on the widget below, or you can download the episode by visiting our show's Podcast Page, where you also can also go back and listen to previous episodes, subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the orange RSS or on the purple iTunes icon. 

Thanks again to BIlly for sitting in with us, and make sure to check out And the Valley Shook for updates and news on the Tigers.