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Gameday Grind: LSU

Ladies and Gentlemen, LSU game day is upon us.  But we're not doing this alone, for one of our own has returned to be a part of the game, the passion, the Cowbell Yell.  Last night one of our most beloved former players arrived in town to emcee the first annual Cowbell Yell: a pep rally student leadership hopes will turn into a tradition for years to come.

Who might this distinguished former player be that returned to his old stomping grounds yesterday?

I'll give you a hint:


That's right Bulldog fans, our man Fred Smoot is back in town and ready to root on the Dawgs to victory.  Who knows, if the night goes well maybe ole Fred will even break out his yacht and set sail in the lake behind the Bryan building.  One thing is for sure State fans: if anyone can get you pumped up for a game, it is Smoot.


Fred Smoot picks of Florida QB Jesse Palmer (via sfslickdawg)

Remember that game?  I KNOW YOU DO JESSE PALMER (LOLSKINNYTIE).  It was loud, it was hostile, it was exactly how a college football game should be.  Not to mention our bulldogs came out victorious that day.  That's the kind of atmosphere we need tonight State fans. 

Leave it all in the stands.

If you're questioning whether or not you should save some of your voice for work tomorrow just ask yourself one question:  WWSD.