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Mississippi State vs. LSU - Where to Watch //2011

Thursday night games are great. Primetime exposure for both teams because it is usually one of only a few games on. And with ESPN, it is national coverage, so great exposure from a recruiting standpoint and a chance to really show off your home field atmosphere.

But it also means that lots of folks can't make the drive for the game for various reasons: work, family, school, etc.

So we are here with a run-down of where you can watch and listen to the game. More info after the jump.

SBNation's Sean Keeley gives a run down of the TV options, which is really just ESPN. He also mentions that this is the first time in the 105 year history of the MSU/LSU series that both teams are ranked.

But nobody likes to watch football alone, so why not get together with fellow Bulldog alumni and fans to cheer on the Maroon and White! There are numerous viewing events planned around the country. The MSU Alumni site has a great list of gatherings with links to event information.

Some of you may not be near one of those groups or have access to a TV. There are plenty of Audio-only options. First, if you are in Mississippi, you can tune in to any of the stations that make up the Mississippi State Bulldog Network. The game will also be broadcast live on Sirius 220 and XM 201.

Live audio streaming is available via Maroon To The Max. If you have an iPhone, you can download the Mississippi State premium app ($4.99) and stream the game live over your 3G or WiFi connection. There is an Android app as well.

And of course we will have our In-Game Open Thread up and running well before the coin toss for you to share your thoughts throughout the game with other State fans.

Hail State!