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Mississippi State vs Memphis Post Game Thoughts

Wow! What a game. We started off rough with the bad snap/penalty on the first play. Once we got all the first-game jitters out fo the way, we were on a roll.

Vick Ballard rushed for 166 yards and 3 TDs, helping the Bulldogs roll up 645 yards of offense. The defense looked good, but we definitely could have used Fletcher Cox in his normal spot. It was also obvious that we are lacking at linebacker this year.

We have an insane amount of talent in just about all skill positions on offense (no, really, this is a Mississippi State site - and I just said that). Jameon Lewis showed both sides tonight, with bursts of speed and crazy moves in a variety of offensive schemes. At the same time, he shows his inexperience on special teams when he ran out of bounds catching two punts deep in our own territory and muffing a punt that Memphis recovered. But he is going to be a playmaker.

Tyler Russell played much of the second half and showed off his improved mobility and quickness, eventually running the ball in 26 yards for a touchdown.

Of course, this was Memphis, and the points won't come this easy on the Plains next weekend. There were some sloppy spots that we needed to be able to work on in a setting like tonight, and now the team can go back to Starkville and work on those areas that need improving.

What positives and negatives did you see in the team tonight?