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Mississippi State vs Memphis Video Highlights and Post Game Quotes

Here is a highlight reel from last night's 59-14 win over Memphis in the Liberty Bowl.

Post Game commentary from Dan Mullen after the jump.

Opening Remarks

"It's great to get a win, especially on the road. There was a good environment tonight. I thank our
fans for showing up and creating a good atmosphere for us to play in."

"This Memphis team is a better team than we played last year. I thought they executed cleaner in a
lot of things. Larry's doing a good job trying to get that program going in the right direction right now."

"I'm very happy we came out with a good win. It's hard to win Division I football games. There were
a lot of teaching moments in this game that we can instruct our players in, a lot of little mistakes that
have to get fixed and things we have to improve to achieve any of the goals we want to attain this year.
It's great to be able to teach those things off of a win."

"We start conference play in 10 days against the defending national champions. A lot of schools get
three or four games to get focused on that, but we have 10 days to get all of those little things fixed and
go on the road and try to win a big football game."


How do you feel about your offensive performance tonight?

"I'm happy that we were so balanced. There were a lot of big plays, and I love those big explosive
plays, but we were also 4-of-12 on third-down conversions. That's not where we need to be if we want to
be successful. Basically we need to keep all the positives and clean up all the negatives."

You've got a tough schedule coming up; how do you feel now that you've got one game under your belts?

"I feel good, but we've got a tough road ahead of us. If we can find a way to win these next two
games, we're in a great position to win the SEC West Championship. The next 15 days will really
determine how great of a season we're going to have."