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EA Sports NCAA '12 Simulation: Mississippi State Vs Louisiana Tech

Here's hoping we get something to cheer about this week.(Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images)
Here's hoping we get something to cheer about this week.(Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Mississippi State suffered another devastating loss last week against LSU. This week they have an opportunity to take out their frustrations on another Louisiana team.

The last time MSU played La Tech the other Bulldogs came out on top. Although this MSU team isn't anything like the one that lost that day, this La Tech team is still no push over.

So how did the Mississippi State Bulldogs fare this week against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in the EA Sports NCAA '12 simulation? Check out the highlights after the jump...



Louisiana Tech is the visiting team and they choose heads on the coin toss. The toss turns up tails and Mississippi State chooses to kick the ball off to start the game.

First Quarter:

After the return, La Tech takes over near the thirty yard line. The first pass is complete for an eight yard gain. A run on second down produces a two yard loss. The quarterback tucks the ball and runs on third down and gets a first down. He throws a nice pass for a thirteen yard gain and gets another first down. The next two plays are both passes and both are batted down. On third and ten the Bulldog defenders swarm all over the quarterback and he is sacked for a loss! La Tech punts the ball away from midfield...the result is a touchback.

MSU takes over at the twenty. Ballard runs for a five yard gain on first down. From the twenty-five yard line Relf hands the ball off to Ballard again but this time comes up with a two yard loss. Chris Relf tries to tuck it and run on third down but gets nothing. MSU is forced to punt the ball away.

La Tech has excellent field position and takes over at midfield. A dropped pass and a another quarterback sack puts La Tech in a third and seventeen situation. The quarterback looks down field and can't find anyone open. He has no choice but to throw the ball away. La Tech punts the ball back to MSU.

Chad Bumphis is unable to get anything on the return. Chris Relf throws a nice pass to Brandon Heavens and State suddenly finds themselves at midfield. A couple of back to back runs produces five yards. On third and five Relf decides to run the ball himself and gets a first down. Now in La Tech territory, Relf elects to go with an option play but the result is a four yard loss. Chris Relf runs on second down and gets three yards. Now it's third and eleven. Relf sets to throw a pass and is hit as he throws. MSU punts the ball away for a touchback.

 La Tech completes an eight yard pass and the quarter expires.

2nd Quarter:

 After an incomplete pass, La Tech finds themselves in a third and short situation. A completed pass results in a frest set of downs. La Tech puts together another couple of complete passes for another first down. A botched run and and incomplete pass puts La Tech in a third and elven situation. MSU defense is now playing really poorly and a huge pass play is completed. The La Tech Bulldogs now find themselves in field goal range. Two more passes now have the Bulldogs at MSU's one yard line. Two incomplete passes now have them at third and goal from the one. The quarterback drops back for another pass...he finds no one open and tries to run it in...unfortunately he is successful. La Tech goes up 7-0.

The kick off is returned to the thirty-three yard line. A running play and an incomplete pass later the Bulldogs are now in a third and eight situation. He drops back to pass...the pass is dropped by Chris Smith. MSU is forced to punt again. The first play from La Tech is a pass and it's nearly intercepted by Corey Broomfield. The second play is a pass again, but this time it's completed for a first down. The next play is a run for three yards and suddenly La Tech is in MSU territory again. Clearly feeling that all the momentum is on their side, La Tech decides to go for a home run and throws a bomb toward the end zone. Unfortunately for them, Jonathon Banks is there to intercept it for Mississippi State.

MSU takes over at the twenty yard line. A perfectly executed option play sees Chris Smith take it to the house and suddenly the game is tied up 7-7. La Tech returns the kickoff nineteen yards and they start the drive at the twenty-four yard line. A long pass play is completed and the Bulldogs are now in MSU territory. Another completed pass and poor tackling results in another first down and La Tech is at the MSU thirty yard line. The next play results in a five yard loss off a running play. La Tech takes a time out as the clock now ticks down below a minute. Mississippi State's defense finally steps up and stops the drive from going any further. La Tech sets up for a field goal and they let the clock run down as far as they can before finally kicking the ball. When they finally do kick it, the result is three points. The score is now 10-7 La Tech.

After the kickoff State takes over with six seconds left in the first half. Relf drops back for an attempt at a Hail Mary...unfortunately he finds no one and holds on to the ball too long. He's drilled by a La Tech linebacker and fumbles the ball. Fortunately another maroon jersey jumps on it. The half ends with a 10-7 score.

3rd Quarter:

The Bulldogs get the ball to start the second half. Chris Relf shoulders the load on the first few plays and runs for a couple of first downs. The next play Relf finds Brandon Heavens wide open deep in La Tech territory. His pass is spot on and hits Heavens in the chest...but he drops the ball. Chris Relf drops back to pass again on the next play and again finds Heavens deep in La Tech territory open. He again throws a perfect pass and this time Heavens catches the ball. State is now in field goal range with a fresh set of downs. He finds Heavens again on the next play and completes an eight yard pass. Chris Relf decides to run it himself on the next play and is finally brought down at the twelve yard line. He gives it to Ballard on the next play gaining eight yards. Relf takes it himself on second down and runs it in for a TD! MSU is now up 14-10.

La Tech takes over at the twenty-five yard line. A short run and an incomplete pass put the Bulldogs in a third and eight situation. The next play is an incomplete pass. La Tech punts the ball away and suddenly MSU is seemingly riding a wave of momentum.

Chris Relf completes a first down pass to Chad Bumphis and State is in La Tech territory. Back to back runs by Vick Ballard earns another first down...the Bulldogs are now on the La Tech thirty yard line. A completed pass to Michael Carr now has the Bulldogs at the twenty with another first down. Chris Relf decides to run it again on the next play and the result is another TD! MSU now leads 21-10.

La Tech completes a pass on third down and gets a fresh set of downs. Fletcher Cox bats down the next pass. The next play is another completed pass and another first down. MSU is still having difficulties stopping the pass against La Tech. Every play seems to be a pass now. La Tech throws another bomb down the field and it drops right into the receiver's hands...unfortunately for him he's drilled by an MSU defender and drops the pass. Undeterred, La Tech goes to the air again and this time they catch the ball and worse yet, run it in for a TD. MSU's lead is now narrowed to 21-17.

State completes a short pass to start their next drive and the third quarter expires. The score is 21-17 MSU.

 4th Quarter:

A run by Ballard gets the Bulldogs one yard short of the first down. The next play sees La Tech commit a penalty that gives the Bulldogs five yards and an easy first down. Michael Carr catches a Chris Relf pass into La Tech territory for another first down. Relf is sacked on the next two plays and now it's third and eighteen. Once again, Chris Relf is sacked and the Bulldogs have to punt on fourth and twenty-six.

La Tech takes over at the twenty-nine yard line. The Bulldogs are now increasing the tempo of their offense significantly. They complete a multitude of quick passes and ease their way into MSU territory. They suddenly find themselves in a third and eight situation and Mississippi State finally manages to stop them on third down. La Tech decides to go for it on fourth and six...they get the first down! La Tech is in field goal range now but need a TD to take the lead. Mississippi State commits a dumb encroachment penalty and appear to be on the verge of self destructing now. Unproductive plays now have La Tech in a third and five situation. They elect to throw the ball again and the MSU defense bats it down. It's now fourth and five with under two minutes left in the game. Obviously aware that a field goal won't win them the game, La Tech goes for it on fourth down. The Mississippi State defense holds and it's a turnover on downs.

MSU keeps it on the ground as they try to melt the clock. La Tech burns two time outs to conserve as much time as they can. With about a minute and a half left to go, Relf pitches the ball to Ballard on an option play. Ballard jukes and spins his way through the La Tech defenders and runs down the field for another MSU touchdown! State now leads 28-17. With only one time out remaining, La Tech is forced to throw the ball. They've been good all day throwing but the MSU defense finally decides they've had enough of it. Four straight throws result in four incomplete passes.

 MSU gets the ball back and Relf takes a knee to end the game.


Final score: MSU 28 LA Tech 17