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EA Sports NCAA '12 Simulation: Mississippi State Vs Georgia

Louisiana Tech came to play when they visited Starkville last Saturday night.  Fortunately the maroon and white Bulldogs came out on top when the game finally ended. 

This week the Bulldogs will face another set of Bulldogs in Georgia.  This is Mississippi State's chance to finally get an SEC win.  Last season the Georgia game was probably the turning point in the season from which State went on to have a very successful season. 

I see this as a critical game for MSU.  If the Bulldogs want to at least repeat last season's success, it starts this weekend.  They've got to win this game!

So how did the Bulldogs match up against Georgia in this weeks simulation?  Find out after the jump!


Mississippi State is the visiting team and they choose tails on the coin toss. Things are off to a good start because the result of the toss is indeed tails. The Bulldogs choose to kick the ball off to start the game.

1st Quarter:

Brandon Boykin runs the kick off back for Georgia and makes it all the way to midfield before he is finally brought down. Aaron Murray takes the first snap of the game and drops back for a pass. The pass is complete to an open receiver for an easy first down. Georgia is at the MSU 35 yard line. The next play is a toss to the running back and he's brought down after a one yard gain. Murray makes a nice little jump pass on 2nd down and its complete for another 1st down. Georgia is now at the twenty three yard line. The next play is another pass complete for a nine yard gain. Corey Broomfield nearly intercepts the next pass! Murray is unphased and throws again for another first down. Finally he gives the running back a try and he manages a short gain. MSU sacks Murray on the next play and cause him to fumble on the next snap. Fortunately for Georgia they manage to recover the loose ball. It's now fourth down and Georgia settles for a field goal. The score is now 3-0.

MSU returns the ball 27 yards to the 29 yard line. Chris Relf attempts a run on the first play and is brought down for a three yard loss. Now at the twenty six yard line, Relf decides to pass and completes it to Brandon Heavens for a first down. Relf decides to run again and once again he is brought down for a loss. It's now second and fourteen...ball on the forty yard line. Relf throws a screen pass for a six yard pick up. It's now third and seven. It's Vick Ballard's turn to run but he's brought down for a loss. MSU punts the ball away.

Georgia takes over at the eighteen yard line. Aaron Murray throws a play action pass for a three yard gain. On second down MSU snuffs out a run and the result is a loss on the play. It's third and eleven. Aaron Murray is drilled as he throws the falls for an incomplete pass. Georgia punts the ball away.

Bumphis returns the ball to midfield. Relf looks deep and is nearly picked off. Its second and ten. Relf tucks it and runs for a fourteen yard gain and a first down as the first quarter expires. The score is 3-0 Georgia.

2nd Quarter:

Vick Ballard gets another crack at it on an option play and picks up a huge first down. MSU is now in field goal range. Relf decides to give it to Vick again but this time he goes no where. Second down sees Ballard again get the ball and this time he picks up five yards. MSU is now ten yards away from the end zone. Relf tries to hit a wide receiver in stride but the pass is off and misses the target. MSU settles for a field goal. The score is now tied 3-3.

Georgia returns the ball to the thirty yard line. Aaron Murray looks deep and finds no one...he wisely throws the ball away. On second down Murray elects to try for another pass but the ball bounces off the back of an maroon helmet and falls harmlessly to the ground. It's now third and ten...the Bulldogs swarm after Murray when the ball is snapped and he evades multiple tackles. He manages to get a pass off and completes it for a first down. With a fresh set of downs, Murray looks really deep down the field but the pass is incomplete. He tries again on second down and again the pass misses it's target. Once again MSU gets a great opportunity to pick the ball off, but once again the pick is dropped. It's now fourth down. Georgia sets up for a's a fake! MSU is ready for it and the fourth down conversion fails miserably. Georgia turns it over on downs.

Chris Relf runs on first down for a six yard gain and pounds his way into Georgia territory. Relf looks deep on the next play and finds a wide open Michael Carr. The pass is complete and Carr tip toes his way along the sideline and gets in for the first touchdown of the game! Mississippi State leads 10-3.

Georgia returns the kickoff to the thirty four yard line. A run to the outside gets three yards for Georgia. Murray drops back for a pass on second down and is again nearly intercepted by Corey Broomfield. Unfortunately he completes a pass on third down and the Georgia Bulldogs have a first down, barely in MSU territory. Two passes later it's third and nine...Murray drops back for a pass but all he sees is maroon and white...he's sacked! Georgia punts the ball away.

MSU takes over at the thirty two yard line. Relf finds no one open on first down and throws the ball away. Chris Relf throws an incomplete pass on second down. It's now third and ten. Chris Relf throws it deep down the field and is picked off! Give the credit to Bacarri Rambo (interesting name) for the interception and the Georgia Bulldogs take over at their own twelve yard line.

Georgia settles for a run on first down and it pays off with a first down. Two passes later Georgia is in a third and four situation. With less than a minute to go in the half Murray hands the ball off to the back and he rumbles forward for a first down. Murray completes a pass into MSU territory and then goes for a home run on the next play. He has a receiver open in the end zone...but his throw is off and it's incomplete. Theres time for one more play but MSU will have none of it...they once again drill Murray into the grass.

It's halftime and MSU leads 10-3.

3rd Quarter:

After the return, MSU takes over at the twenty six yard line. Relf decides to run and once again goes no where...he loses two yards. On the next play he nearly takes a referee's head off and the pass drops to the ground, incomplete. Third down is an incompletion too...MSU punts the ball away.

A couple of running plays earns Georgia a first down. The ball is on the MSU forty yard line now. They stick with whats working and runs again for four yards. Georgia decides to go for a whopping fifty four yard field goal attempt. The ball is kicked into the air and it's straight enough, but not long enough. It bounces off the cross bar and the field goal is no good!

MSU takes over and Relf immediately throws an interception. Georgia starts a new drive with great field position. The first play is a run that only gets a yard. Second down sees another play and the result is again one yard. It's third and eight. Murray goes to the air and the pass is complete for a first down. Murray throws again and the pass is caught for another first down...Georgia is now inches away from a TD.

On first and goal Murray tries to run it in but is brought down for a one yard loss. On second down he gives to the back and Georgia gets it in for a TD...but Dan Mullen doesn't think its a TD...he challenges the call! It was a good challenge because the official overturned it! It's now third down and inches to go. Georgia runs again and again the maroon and white hold the's now fourth down! Georgia decides to go for it and this time they get through...Georgia has now tied the game up 10-10. 

The Bulldogs take over at the twenty four yard line. It's an option play on first down and it gets no where. It's second and ten. Chris Relf tries to option again and pitches it to Ballard. Vick Ballard gets rolling down the sideline and isn't brought down until he reaches the Georgia thirty eight yard line! Again, Relf gives it to Ballard...he gains three yards. Relf throws and incomplete pass on second down and now it's third and seven. MSU hasn't converted a third down the entire game and they fail once again this time. Relf throws an incomplete pass. MSU decides to go for it on fourth down. Chris Relf drops back for a pass and I swear he just threw it into the freaking stands! MSU turns it over on downs.

Georgia takes over at the thirty five yard line. The back gets it and runs to midfield as the third quarter expires. The score is tied 10-10.

4th Quarter:

Georgia runs it again and gets another first down. Now deep in MSU territory, Murray drops back for a pass but its caught out of bounds. Georgia decides to run again and they get a three yard gain. It's now third and seven. Murray again drops back for a pass on third down and again he finds an open receiver. Georgia has a fresh set of downs...they give it to the back again and he runs for another first down. It's now first and goal. Once again MSU gets a perfect opportunity for a pick and once again they blow's now second and goal. Another incomplete pass...its now third and goal. The defense holds and stops a run attempt. Georgia elects to go for a field goal...its good and now they have the lead. The score is 13-10.

MSU returns the ball to the twenty two yard line. Back to back runs from Chris Relf get MSU into a third and seventeen situation. Chris Relf drops back and finds an open receiever...the ball is dropped. MSU punts the ball away.

Georgia returns the ball to midfield. Georgia runs for a three yard gain. Murray begins to work the clock and takes his time on the next snap. Another run gains a couple of yards. It's third and five. Once again Murray goes to the air on third down and once again he is successful in getting a first down. MSU struggling big time now...Georgia runs for another first down and then follows that up with a rushing TD. Georgia now leads 20-10.

MSU has less than two minutes now to work some magic. Relf and company take over at the twenty-one yard line. Chris Relf has all day to look down the field, he finally completes a pass to Chad Bumphis for a three yard gain. Relf spikes the ball to stop the clock. It's third down...Relf gives it to gain on the play. Chris Relf drops back on fourth down...he passes the ball and it falls innocently to the ground. Turnover on downs.

Georgia decides to run, run, run...MSU can't seem to do anything to stop it now. With less than a minute to go Aaron Murray mercifully takes a knee and ends the game.

Final score: Georgia 20 Mississippi State 10