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For Whom the Cowbell Tolls Radio Show - Georgia Week

Last night I fired up the FWtCT's Radio Show for this week's edition previewing the MState-Georgia game with TankerToad from our SBNation Bulldog Brethren, Dawg Sports.  Dawg Sports is the place for all things Georgia Bulldogs, and last night TankerToad and I discussed all aspects of this Saturday's matchup, as well as information on Georgia's season to date, Injury updates and statuses for the Red and Black Bulldogs and even some food and (adult) beverage location tips for State fans traveling to Athens this upcoming weekend.

Thanks again go out to our brothers over at Dawg Sports, who were kind enough to join us last night and gave us top notch analysis of their team as well as what to look for on Saturday.

Also, you may notice that the FWtCT's podcast is now the Radio Show and powered by our friends over at Bulldog Sports Radio.  For those of you, like, born yesterday and junk, Bulldog Sports Radio is a new service (and iPhone App get it HERE) dedicated to bringing you 24/7 radio coverage of our beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs.  It was a pleasure working with them last evening and we look forward to bringing you the show via Bulldog Sports Radio's' high tech studio for weeks to come in the future.

You can download and listen to last night's episode ===> here <===

Again I would encourage you to check out DawgSports this week for any info you may want or need on the Georgia Bulldogs.

Have a great Hump Day Evening guys and as always: