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Cowbell College Game Day Open Thread - What To Watch

It's game day folks! The Thursday and Friday games were just appetizers to the main course. And it has arrived.

Speaking of Friday night, did you see when TCU came all the way back from a million points down to beat the Baylor Bears?


Oh, that's right. Sorry. Note to self: never fall asleep before a football game is over. 

Anyway, here are the game we are watching today while our Bulldogs have a day off.

Utah State Aggies at Auburn Tigers

Auburn will probably come out slow but finish strong as they wear down the Aggies. Auburn is having to replace some 30 players on both sides of the ball, including almost their entire offensive and defensive line and quarterback. Expect some first game mistakes early, but by the second quarter they will be on the ball.

This game interests us because it gives us a glimpse at what the Bulldogs will be facing come next weekend. Sure, the Tigers aren't going to show their entire hand (just like we didn't show ours), but it is a preview none-the-less.

BYU Cougars at Ole Miss Bears

This really only interest us to see how messed up Houston Nutt has our neighbors to the north. Also, who has the odds on when everyone starts heading to the grove?

Oregon Ducks vs. LSU Tigers and Boise State Broncos vs. Georgia Bulldogs

Looks like the DVR will be working overtime tonight as we try to follow both of the big games. It could be a rough night for the SEC thanks to off season shenanigans from various players at LSU and Georgia.

So who you got today?