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Farcely Populated says man Bully LOVES a roadtrip

in this farce Uga will be narrated by James Earl Jones.  Bully will be narrated by Zach Galifianakis.

Bully picks up his Samsung Galaxy II and dials Uga's number.

Bully: Uggz, whats up man?

Uga: Oh, hello Bully.  I was just about to call you.  I am making preparations for our hanging out this weekend.  Are the girls coming with you this weekend to Athens?

Bully: I thought the bitches were already there? (bitches snicker in the background)

Uga: (sighs...) Bully, how many times have I told you although there are technically bitches, we shouldn't call them that.  We should call them girls/ladies/women.

Bully: Whatever dude.  Hey anyways I wanted to ask you what time we hitting the bars Saturday?

Uga: well you do know we have to be at the field for the game at 10.  game should be over by 3.

Bully: ... Dude, what??? You've got to be kidding me! (laughs) I haven't actually attended a game in 3 years! I had the engineering department build a robotic Bully for gameday.  Shoot son when games are going on I'm in the Junction with a Jack-n-Coke and a fine Cuban Cigar #yalllifestyle

Uga: Well, although I only believe about 10% of that Bully, don't you still think we should show up to the game for a little while, give the fans our best?

Bully: HA! Hell no Uga dude last time I was at Sanford Stadium 3 fat chicks in the front row were sizing me up like I was a juicy jumbo.  AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY.  Besides, I hear Corey Smith was playing at nooner somewhere downtown so yeah, that's where i will be.

/begins singing

Bully: if i could do it again, how about you.....

Uga: (shakes head) BULLLLLYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/Bully screeches tires, throws out beer cans