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FWtCT on the TeamSpeedKills Podcast

Good Morning State fans and happy Wednesday on what seems like it will be a very, very busy day with Texas A&M reportedly receiving their SEC invitation today.  Should be a fun day.

Last night the TeamSpeedKills bunch started back up their podcast series discussing all things SEC.

I jumped on with the guys to discuss this weekends State vs. Auburn game.

Click here to listen to it via the widget on their page, or go to their podcast page and click download (on the podcast entitled SEC GAMES BEGIN AND TSK NOW RETURNS) to better maneuver in the podcast (it is an hour long total).  You can find me on there starting at about the 15-16 minute mark.

Also if you're interested in conference expansion talk I believe the guys discussed those matters at the beginning of the podcast.

Have a great Wednesday guys and as always,