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Final 2011 FWtCT's BlogPoll Ballot: Bama #1, Okie St. #2

No more first down, no more fat guy touchdowns. As hard as it is to swallow, the college football season is over you guys. Last night Alabama wrapped up their 14th National Title, dominating an asleep-at-the-wheel LSU Tiger team 21-0. Coming into the game, the question amongst sports writers and us amateur sports bloggers alike was: if Alabama wins close, would we still vote LSU at #1. Okay, that question was more if AP Poll voters would do that, but I wondered how many SBNation Blogpollers would vote as well.

Well folks, I'm here to tell you that this voter included no controversy in his ballot. Alabama comes in at #1 in our final ballot of 2011, with Oklahoma State coming in at #2 and LSU at #3. You can check out our full ballot after the jump. Hope you guys enjoyd this season, I sure did. It went by fast, but good things always do.

Think we voted wrong? Think we voted right? Just want to tell us how you would've voted? Let us know your thoughts