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RECAP: CBS Sports Network - The Road to Saturday with Mississippi State presented by Yahoo!

Never underestimate the power of the cowbell.

Butch Dill - Getty Images

Wednesday night featured a special documentary entitled "The Road to Saturday" on the CBS Sports Network. It started by introducing a brief history of MSU football. Various clips of practice and the time leading up to the Tennessee game were the main focus of the documentary.

Interviews focused on Dan Mullen's assistant coaching history prior to MSU and his new-age philosophy for the Bulldogs. It also noted Mullen's change of the MSU football attitude. From an "I can't" to "I can" player attitude. Mullen also spoke on his quest to recruit in the state of Mississippi as well as the south. DC Chris Wilson bragged on Mullen as well as his entire defensive unit. OC Les Koenning spoke on MSU's division placement in the SEC West. LB Cameron Lawrence, WR Chad Bumphis, QB Tyler Russell, DB Johnthan Banks, and DB Darius Slay also spoke and represented their school, team, and themselves extremely well on a national level.

"You've done what it takes to win this game." -Dan Mullen

The 30-minute documentary also spoke of DL Kaleb Eulls and his heroic story of saving fellow students during a gun incident on a high school bus. Mullen related this story to Kaleb's leadership on and off the field. He noted Kaleb's a young man that deserves an opportunity to succeed on any level.

"You will play as you prepare." -Dan Mullen

Cam Lawrence took the film crew on a tour of Starkville Cafe, the legendary downtown eatery established in 1945. Owner John Peeples told MSU football stories of an alumni group that comes in once a month for a quality meal together. Lots of good talk about past and present MSU teams, and how the community embraces players through food.

The documentary finished with sideline clips from Saturday night against Tennessee. Lots of coaching commentary between each series showed how players really embrace in-game situations.

"I got no idea what that play (Russell's 4th down TD to WR Malcolm Johnson) was but it worked." -Dan Mullen

Mullen's locker room speech after the Tennessee win really had players believing in the future of the program... not only this season but seasons to come.