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MSU News & Notes | Friday, October 19, 2012

All of your News and Notes from around Bulldog nation including the 2013 football schedule, behind the scenes with Johnthan Banks, and more.

It's Friday, which means your probably sitting at work doing everything in your power not to work, sitting in class doing everything in your power not to pay attention, or out shopping because OH MY GOSH WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR TO HOMECOMING. No matter what you're doing or how you're doing it (we don't judge here), take a break to check out a brief look at all of the news and notes from around the world of Mississippi State sports.

  • SCHEDULES! RESPECT! NON-CONFERENCE GAMES! CUPCAKES! SEC! These are all hot button words in the world of college football. Scheduling is something that is watched closely by fans of a particular program, as they want to see where they will be following their team to watch them play in future seasons. It's also important to all other fans and/or sports writers, because nothing says mid July sports column like LET'S RANK SOFTEST SCHEDULES FEEL MISSISSIPPI STATE'S SCHED MMMMMM THAT'S DOWNEY SOFT. No more fools, now State has at least one non-conference opponent that's fa real, son. Oh, and State also found out it's full schedule, officially, yesterday, which includes that not-so-soft opener in Houston against Oklahoma State. Shortly after the SEC released their full 2013 football conference schedule yesterday, Mississippi State followed up with ours, which looks pretty good if you ask me. State get 7 home games, a neutral site opener, road games at College Station and Columbia, and swaps out a trip to UAB for a home game with Alcorn State. All of those are wins in my book. Granted, the back half of the schedule will again be fairly tough, but it is a bit more spread out, with LSU coming to town October 5th instead of mid November. Should be fun!
  • On the flip side of gettin' that non-conference schedule tone and firm in the middle is Vanderbilt, who yesterday cancelled a series with Northwestern and a 2013 opener against Ohio State. The kicker to that? Vanderbilt cancelled their game with the Buckeyes VIA SNAIL MAIL. That's right, they sent OSU a letter, no phone call or text or tweet or poke on Facebook, a good ole fashioned letter. SHORTLY AFTERWARDS IT WAS DISCOVERED BOBBY JOHNSON SENT THE LETTER, AND THEN SAID "WHAT THE HELL IS A TEXT?"
  • The absolute must read story of the day comes from Yahoo!'s Eric Adelson, who put together a great piece on MSU CB Johnthan Banks, and his road to where he is today, powering State's 6-0 season. So, so much good stuff in this article. I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read about the outstanding CB from just down the road in Maben. This quote from the lockeroom at last Saturday's Tennessee game is outstanding:
  • "We're the underdog," Banks says. "They've beaten who? Georgia State? Akron? And we're the [expletive] underdog."

    He looks around in amazement. A teammate says one more win will get the team into a bowl game.

    "[Expletive] a bowl game!" Banks snaps. "We're gonna win the national championship."

That's it for today's News and Notes folks. Hope you have a great weekend, and if you are heading up for the game, cheer extra loud for me because I will be at a wedding SERIOUSLY PEOPLE WHO GETS MARRIED AT 6PM IN OCTOBER?!


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