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MBD's Mailbag

Questions I got from my e-mail (, twitter, or just asked in person...

What is your prediction for the MTSU game? - Will

Earlier in the week I said...

That was before I knew their top running back, Bennie Cunningham, was out for the year. With MTSU relying on the run game so much (basically 60/40) I thought it could be more like 38-14 now....and maybe even bigger since they will rely on Kilgore for more offense and MSU make turn some turnovers and field position into more points. But then I began to do some research for the Know the Foe post on Wednesday. Middle Tennessee has some depth in the backfield. I've heard folks talking about the freshman, Jordan Parker a lot. But I think they are also missing the other tailback, Drayton Calhoun who is a transfer from LSU and was on Phil Steele's 2nd All-Sun Belt in the preseason.

I think emotion is the biggest X-factor in college football. Teams can only reach their peak 3 or 4 times per year, it just isn't going to happen every week - I think we have all seen this in State's teams over the past few years. Not only that, but it is extremely difficult to reach that peak in back-to-back weeks - one of the reasons the SEC is so difficult, and perhaps the reason South Carolina wasn't able to beat LSU last week. With that being said, and adding to the fact that #1 Alabama is next week, I don't see how MSU will be able to bring it emotionally, so I don't see the beatdown many are calling for. By that same token, however, MTSU may not be quite as hyped as they normally would since they've already beaten a big gun, Georgia Tech this year. We'll see.

Based on the above two paragraphs I'll predict a 38-21 Bulldog victory...subtracting just one touchdown based off Cunningham's loss. I won't be surprised at all if this comes down to the 4th quarter...and even if it does I don't think that would diminish State's chances at Alabama at all. Don't be a prisoner of the moment because we beat Tennessee. Don't be a prisoner of the moment if we barely beat MTSU.

What did you think of this video about Johnthan Banks? - Sarah

A Day In The Life Of Johnthan Banks (via mstateathletics)

I thought this video was great! Not only did it feature an excellent cameo by my boy winstoncountysfinest (the goofball needing a pen and leaping at his 75% grade), but I thought it was pretty funny - right up my alley. No, it didn't have the video production quality of NFL Films, but it got the message accross: John Banks is the man!

I really, really like how MSU's administration promotes the school and the players who are making a name for the school. Hat's off to Kyle Niblett and his team for making the video and working their butts off to promote the school we love.

Sure, check out our recap of all the recruits who visited campus last weekend.

And on that note, we've given JLGrindin the reins to handle MSU recruiting and he's doing a great job. Be sure to check out all his posts as he keeps you informed on all the pups out there looking to become future Bulldogs.

Who is the biggest MSU internet celebrity? - Tom

Well, it's not me. But I've come up with a list and I'll let FWtCT readers decide. This list does not include anyone who makes a living covering MSU, so no beat writers or guys who run recruiting sites like Gene, Paul or Wardlaw. These are just fans who have become internet famous (in no particular order)...

  • sfslickdawg - MSU highlight guru. He's all over youtube providing most of the highlight videos you want to see. Twitter: @sfslickdawg
  • Rocky Vaughan - You may know him as ChillBillyDawg or just ChillBilly, but he's come up with a ton of uniform concepts for MSU. He even inspired the helmets State will use for the A&M game. Twitter: @RockyVaughan
  • Jake Wimberly - Unusual cat, yes, but he's hardcore for State. He writes for about 350 websites, host MIRS on BSR, and is Hugh Freeze's twitter nemesis. Twitter: @notjoeleedunn
  • thecristilmethod - FWtCT's very own. I am 99% sure no MSU fan has more twitter followers (2,075) based solely off their passion for State. He is our fearess leader here on the site and runs our twitter (@mstatesports). Twitter: @cristilmethod
  • dawgstudent - operator and one of the founders of Sixpackspeak. He created the anti-Gene'sPage and it has been extremely successful as a place to complain and go nuts. Twitter: @sixpackspeak
  • Political Hack - perhaps the most informed message board (24/7) poster there is. He is the man behind the Will Redmond/Byron De'Vinner/Angelo Mirando scandal.
  • Coach34 - message board hero with equal parts love and hate for him. Maroon and White Nation contributor. Twitter: @Wool34